Hot On the Trail of BAD & CARELESS Drivers


Partners 4 Safe Driving (P4SD) Blog is a partnership initiated by Ms. Ama Dadson, with Mr. Amarlai ArmarDriver Education Services Limited (DESL)  to encourage citizens to adopt safe driving practices in Ghana. Ms Dadson maintains the P4SD blog.













Ama’s Story: In January 2010 I picked up my three year old daughter from school one afternoon and collected Tshirts for a Haiti Tsunami victims benefit concert that I was involved in planning. Without warning, I was caught up in two freak accidents; a motorbike jammed under the rear wheel of my Rav4 and a private vehicle ran into me from the right side shattering the window, within 10 minutes of each other.  All this literally happened at the doorstep of the 37 Military Hospital where the traffic light was not working and I was making a turn. Thankfully, all of us survived with relatively minor injuries except for the scars my daughter sustained on her face, a permanent reminder of how fragile we are.

On the 23rd of February 2013, I lost my precious aunt Mrs. Grace Dadson (affectionately known as Aunty Ewurama) in a horrific road accident in the Central Region. Eleven people died on the spot in that accident, when a 207 Benz Bus on which they were traveling for a funeral collided with a heavy duty tipper truck at Gomoa Mampong, near Okyere, on the Winneba-Accra road.

On the 9th of April 2014, I watched ”Soul Takers’‘, the new documentary from Tigers Eye PI exposing the rampant corruption at the DVLA and its tragic and deadly implications on our society. I was profoundly moved when the father of a young boy killed by a truck on his way home from school, came up on to the stage of the National Theatre auditorium and broke down in tears as he appealed to the audience to do something about the situation.

That night, sickened to death of the bad and reckless driving and the general indiscipline and careless driving on our roads. I decided to take action in  memory of my Aunt, Dada Hammond, and countless other wonderful individuals great and small who have died in similar tragic circumstances.

I am a technology buff and awed by the far-reaching power of the Internet and mobile technologies to educate, inform and transform the lives of people through sharing of ideas, discussion and collaboration. The Partners 4 Safe Driving Blog is my way of helping.

My online inspiration  is The Road Safety & Arrive Alive Blog, maintained by Johan Jonck in SA . Johan believes that we all can and must contribute in whatever way we can to make our roads safer.

Through our core message “Keep Your Eyes on the Road“, Partners 4 Safe Driving invite ALL Ghanaians (Young People, Parents, Employers, Community groups,  Churches, Teachers etc) to help us :

  • Campaign. Encourage citizens to change their driving habits and attitudes towards traffic cops. Lobby for the linking of the Penalty Units system to mandatory Re-Training Hours and Demerit Points;
  • Advocate. Empower Ghanaians to become  safety advocates for friends, family, and neighbors;
  • Report.  Seek volunteers to report traffic incidents (blatant traffic offences, un-roadworthy vehicles, aggressive drivers), bad traffic cops, bribing public road safety officials;
  • Educate.  Teach NSRC Safe road practices, Inform on defensive driving



Address: P.O. Box LG 1002,Legon, G. Accra, Ghana

4 thoughts on “Hot On the Trail of BAD & CARELESS Drivers

  1. Andrew

    Kudos to you Ama! hope the message filters through and inspires the change we all seek in our driving habits


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